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The Good Shepherd Funeral Home History

Dr. Calvin J. Meadows, CFSP, and Mrs. Beverly J. Meadows, CFSP, established The Good Shepherd Funeral Home in 1994 with no prior experience in funeral service.  They simply requested a Specifications Manual from the Alabama Board of Funeral Service, fulfilled the requirements and opened the business.  The first establishment was a former nightclub that they renovated.  The first hearse was a 1968 vehicle that cost nine hundred dollars.  They had no limousines.

We had a staff of about fifteen members when we opened, and we took all of them on each funeral.  You can imagine that was a lot of people to have on a funeral.  As time passed we became more proficient, through prayer, practice and education.  After being in business for six years, in the year 2000, we did ribbon cutting on our new state-of-the-art facility that we built from the ground up. The Mayor, City Councilmen, Chamber of Commerce, and other business leaders in the community participated in this event.  As time passed, we upgraded our rolling stock from the 1968 hearse to other hearses and limousines.  Then in 2007, we purchased a brand new hearse and two brand new limousines.  That was a joy to see the truck delivering our new rolling stock straight from the factory.

In October 1996 Dr. Meadows became a license Funeral Director and In July 1997 Mrs. Meadows became a license Funeral Director with the Alabama Board of Funeral Service. They are both Certified Funeral Service Practitioners with The Academy of Funeral Service Practice. Their sons Calvin Dreon Meadows and Harold Bowman who are also license Funeral Directors join Dr. and Mrs. Meadows in the business.

The Good Shepherd Funeral Home started out serving predominately indigent customers.  Today we serve people from walks of life, and have earned a reputation of honesty, and integrity because we focus on the needs of the people. We respect all cultural and religious traditions.

In 2012, Dr. Meadows was appointed to The Alabama Board of Funeral Service, by the Governor, representing the Sixth Congressional District.  The following year he became Vice Chairman of the Board. 


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